Ibiza, Spain

I woke up on at about 4am the morning before we flew to Ibiza, noting that a mild eye infection I thought I had kicked the previous day via eye drops in one eye had now spread with a vengeance to both eyes. I looked like an alien. Not exactly what I wanted on the day I headed to Ibiza, going straight onto a party cruise when I got there!

I got up earlier than I needed to, at about quarter to 8, in order to see if I could find a pharmacy. Happily there was a 24 hour one a short walk away as we had to be in a taxi to the airport at 9. The 1.20 euro drops (so cheap!) worked wonders and Kellie, Jacqui and I were off to the airport, heading to Ibiza.

Straight off the plane I gave the others my bag and got dropped off at Delano beach club to collect my wrist band for the boat party I had booked onto months previously. Kellie had a bought a ticket too but didn’t remember and wasn’t keen, so I went by myself.

The sun was warm, although a bit breezy at times, and the water was a beautiful blue. We spent three hours cruising the sea, listening to the typical Ibiza electronica: it seemed to suit the chilled out mood. It was mildly weird that the boat was full of chairs, considering the obvious intention of a dance floor: obviously they just hire a boat and brand it with the party company’s banner. I befriended some Germans, who invited me to a party at their rented house the next day – however no one had a pen and I didn’t remember my phone number so I didn’t end up catching their details.

After the cruise I met the others back at our rented apartment. Expecting to have rented a one bedroom with two beds and double fold out couch between four people, we had happily been allocated a spacious two bedroom apartment with two beds in each room. Our balcony looked over one of the pumping beach clubs such that we could hang on our balcony without having to go down there and still feel part of the action.

After a nap I joined the others to hang out and play the same card game we played in Barcelona until about midnight, when it was the appropriate time to head over to San Antonio – the other side of the island – and head to a few pubs before going to the club we had bought tickets for, Es Paradis.

We headed to San Antonio and went into one bar right next to Es Paradis before it was finally time to head in. This club consisted of many elaborate Roman style columns and garden sections over different platforms and levels. This night was the water party – the reason we had chosen it – and at 4am a section in the middle that sort of lowered into the ground began to fill with water as ‘Singing in the Rain’ played to signal its commencement.

Unfortunately the weather was too cold for me to be wearing less than a cardigan and thick tights, so I did not go in the water. Many did, but expressed it was cold when they got out. Somehow, we all managed to remain in the club until it closed at quarter to six!

The next day we all slept in before I went to get a tasty and cheap cheeseburger from a nearby cafe. The afternoon was whiled away at the beach, listening to the pumping music from one of the pool bars, or just chatting on our balcony. Eventually Christian, Rithy and I got pizza.

Ultimately we headed out again, this time to Pacha – the most famous and oldest of Ibiza’s clubs and the only one open all year round. It was huge and beautiful, comprising many rooms and levels, and exotic (not erotic) male and female dancers in the main dancefloor. There was an included restaurant, rooms that were playing other genres apart from the requisite electronica, and there was even a barber with some gentleman receiving a haircut!

I spent most of my time, however, on the beautiful rooftop terrace, lounging on the comfortable bed-like seating form which the stars were visible. Emily and I received the tip to go there from a lady who had been working in the bathroom, selling mints and lollies, for 29 years! I befriended some Americans and stayed until after 7am: the club was still open til 8am! It was quite bizarre to look outside the still-dark and pumping club to see the bright morning outside.

Our final day was similarly relaxing until we eventually headed to Space Nightclub, walking distance from our apartments. I found this nightclub to be disappointing: unlike the elaborate Pacha, it was just one not-that-huge room dancefloor and another sparse room in which people were sitting around on stools and which I found quite cold.

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