Lagos, Portugal

Kellie’s and my three nights and 2.5 days in Lagos, Portugal were a time to chill out and not do much to recharge in between all the hectic sightseeing. Upon arrival we were amused that there were only three others staying at the hostel, when it is apparently absolutely crazy in high season. Nonetheless the five of us and about five staff all went out that night.

After sleeping in long the next day we met up with the two New Zealanders who were also staying and headed to the beautiful beach to while away the afternoon. We then decided to buy some nibbles and enjoy them on the hostel terrace slash balcony in the late afternoon and evening, where we were joined by some hostel workers. Then three French Germans arrived and the group of us went out again to basically same places, befriending some Dutchmen who were staying in Lagos to surf.

The next morning I was sick: throwing up and with a fever. Something had been gradually growing the day before but nothing to write home about. This day, however, I stayed in bed all day until I felt better in the evening. This was the perfect place to do it however: Kellie and I were in our own room in this homy hostel with the bathroom right next door and I felt easy about just staying in bed all day falling asleep to The Diary of Anne Frank on my iPod. At the end of the day I felt better and was able to get up and socialise with the five Canadians who arrived before an early night, not feeling like I had missed any urgent sightseeing that day.

Additionally, each morning the hostel’s owner, Mama, cooked us lots of crepes and was like a real Mama to us. And now they are letting us hang around late past check out time because there are so few people here. But the weather is lovely, more people should be here!

Nonetheless, Lisbon this evening is only a cool four hour bus ride away and we have heard only excellent things. And we have decided to stay in the sister hostel of this hostel instead of our original plans, at the insistence of the Canadian guys who just came to this Lagos hostel because they had had such fun at the Lisbon one.

After I went for a pleasant walk along the marina – the weather is perfect and the water blue so it is surprising how few tourists there are around – Kellie and I cooked some delicious homemade pasta for lunch. We then walked to the bus stop past a large parade of people dressed in what I presume is traditional Portuguese dress. It was Portuguese Independence Day on the previous day, the same day as Anzac Day, so I assume the two are linked.

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